This is a brand new gallery were we invite you to send us any Paranormal Photographs or Video clips that you would like to share with the world. Please e mail your photo's/video's to Please include details of who took the photograph, equipment used, date and a brief description. A NOTE ON ORBS. Orbs are a common Paranormal Phenomenon that cannot easily be explained. Unless an Orb is obviously a reflection, Insect or Dust we will display your images here. We cannot guarantee that all of these images are Paranormal in Origin. This is YOUR gallery and we will try not to be too analytical of images taken.

These images belong to the contributors and are only displayed here with their permission. Copyright exists on these images and they must not be used in any way without the contributors consent.

To start off the Gallery we have a photograph taken by Sharon, one of our regular guests who has accompanied us to several investigations.
It was taken on 3rd March 2008 at our Investigation at The Britannia Inn in Llangollen and it shows 3, possibly 4 Orbs. At the time that the photograph was taken, our Medium John was sensing the presence of several Monks.

Thank you Sharon for sharing this photograph with us.

This photograph is one of three sent in by Lorna. It was taken at a Birthday Party at Watney Market, London and clearly shows what appears to be a blue Orb. There is no obvious reflections of the flash in the frame or blue light source so it is very interesting.

These other two photographs have lights in the image so we cannot discount the possibility of reflection of lights but they are intriguing. What do you think?.

Thank you Lorna for sharing these photographs with us.

Sharon is one of our regular guests and she and Husband Tom accompanied us to The White Horse on the 29th July. We were amazed by the 17 Photographs that were taken which clearly show Orbs. There seems to be no explanation such as reflection, lens flare or dust for these Orbs. These photographs are amazing.


Below are the rest of Sharons Photographs which also include what might well be Orbs. Dust on the lens can be ruled out as no two Orbs are in the same place on each picture.

Many thanks Sharon and Tom for sharing these remarkable photographs
with us.

These next photographs were taken at Plas Teg which is one of the best known Haunted buildings in the Wrexham area. It is a fantastic, lovingly restored example of a Jacobean Mansion. Mike Griffiths took these remarkable pictures which display apparent day time orbs.

This next photograph was also sent in by Mr Mike Griffiths at a Victorian house near Skipton in Yorkshire that seems to show a very distinct day time Orb.

many thanks mike for sharing these outstanding pictures with us.

These next photographs were sent in by Sarah Newitt.
The caves in Devon show what looks like spectral mist. This has fascinated us. Sarah assures us that it was not condensation or smoke. She felt very uneasy which is why she decided to take the photographs.

Intriguing photographs, thank you so much Sarah.

These next photographs were sent in by Jodilee from New Zealand.
According to Jodilee they were taken in a Mcdonalds and one appears to show a very strange anomaly that resembles a partial manifestation or ectoplasm. If we were able to see the original photograph we could rule out all rational causes and authenticate it. This looks like it could be a very rare and unusual Paranormal Photograph which we are proud to display.

Many thanks for sending them in.


Many thanks Lisa for sending them in, we will add more of Lisa's pictures in the near future.


Many thanks Glynn, we will hopefully add more images in the near future.

Matt Kinnest has sent in these remarkable photographs taken at Alton Towers on a day out after dark. As you can see they contain an unexplainable mist and several light anomalies that some people have seen what resembles faces within them. What do you think?
The house although ruined in parts would not normally contain mist to the extent in which it appears in these photographs so the images are very intriguing indeed.

Many thanks Matt for sharing these pictures with us.

Daron and Lisa Lomax have sent in these remarkable photographs that they have taken at various locations that they have visited which show apparent Orbs. Daron and Lisa have their own web site listed on our recommended web site section which contains many of their photographs and video's.
Jamaica Inn

Snooker hall in Leicester

Many thanks to Darren and Lisa for sharing these photographs with us all.

Dennis Stokes has sent in two photographs which have a sad story attached to them. They are taken in Sidney and contain a family member. Both pictures contain Orbs and one is so bright it could almost be mistaken for the Moon. Another member of the family was looking forward to this holiday but sadly passed away before, God bless him so could the Orb be an indicator that he made the trip just the same. We think he certainly did.

Many thanks Dennis for sending us these pictures and sharing them with us all.

Miranda sent us these pictures with another sad story connected to them. The photographs were taken on Mothers day and Miranda and her friend are covered in light anomalies which are absent in the other parts of the picture. Miranda's Mother had passed away some time before God bless her, but we think this photograph proves that she is still very much with her daughter at least from time to time, bringing her comfort in times of need and love just as she did when she was in the physical world.

Mirandas boy firend had a tattoo done in 2005, the same year her mother passed over and it seems to resemble her Mother whom Miranda calls her Angel.

Many thanks Miranda for sharing these special photographs with us all.

tower june 12th taken by katherine Kinsey one of our regular guests and a friend of Spirit Quest Uk.

These picture were taken in Selkirk in Scotland by Cheryl William in February 2009 whilst she was out walking her dog and contain some impressive Orbs.

Thank you Sharon for sharing your photographs with us.

Ian Carmhicael has sent in this remarkable Photograph at the famous National Opera House in Sydney, it shows a very distinct Orb.

Many thanks Ian for sending it in.

Jason Whitman from Oregon sent in this photograph on March 27th 2010 which shows a vivid red Orb which is quite amazing, he was setting up with a black back cloth for a photo shoot and was amazed when the Orb appeared on the photograph.

Many thanks Jason for sending it in and allowing us to share it with the world.

Katherina Davies took this photograph whilst walking her dogs at Plas Newydd in the winter of 2010 in the snow. She sent it in to get our opinion on it. Does it show a robed figure, it certainly seems to?
The photograph also appeared in the Leader newspaper and has become something of a classic paranormal photograph.

Thank you Katherina for allowing us to display your famous photograph on our web site.

Kenny Combe sent us in some photographs with a very sad yet hopeful tale.
He took these photos a week after one of his dogs was
sadly put to sleep. He then got a German Shepherd puppy and took some
photos of the puppy with his other dogs. When he put the photos onto his computer, he noticed that several orbs were present, usually on or around the puppy. he zoomed in on the largest orb which was right on the puppy's forehead and was amazed to see the image of two of his dogs, a German Shepherd and a Boxer cross, who passed away ten years ago. A comforting thought that the spirits of his old dogs are still around him and interested in the new addition to his family of dogs.

What loveable dogs, many thanks for sharing with us this amazing story and the photographs.

Ian Allen a photographer captured this Orb on 15/01/10 at York House, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. With over 30 years of experience behind him as a photographer he cannot explain the Orb.

Thanks Ian for sending it in and allowing us to display it.

Samantha North recently went on a Paranormal Investigation. This was her first time on a Ghost Hunt and she captured what she thinks may be a Spirit. The photo was taken on 16th August 2010 at 21:33 at Hounslow Heath.
The photograph does seem to contain a Ghostly figure but unfortunately as the camera shook its impossible to clarify it. Take a look.

Many thanks for sending it in to us.

This picture was taken at Louis Tussauds, waxworks in Blackpool
on Saturday 4th September 2010. The picture was taken by Sarah Hayes. If you look at the Orb to the right of Denys hayes who is pretending to help the Queen Mother you will see that it is a fine example of an Orb but Denys swears that zoomed up close, a face can be seen in the Orbs cell structure. We can certainly see what he means. Look for a dark masculine face in the zoomed shot. What do you think?

A fascinating photograph and many thanks to Denys and Sarah for sending it in.

Cape Coral Florida, USA
Howie has sent us these unique Photographs which contain a phenomenon that we have never really experienced before.
Taken about 6 years ago on Halloween with a Hewlett Packard c20 digital camera. Both pictures were taken within about 15 seconds of each shot.
The one with 3 streaks from the pumpkin and 2 lamps in the house, are not from moving the camera because the picture is in focus and the 2nd pumpkin has no streak? Also the pumpkin with streak seems to show something dripping from mouth where there is supposed to be a carved tooth. (picture without streaks shows the tooth)
Also, if you blow up the 2 pictures, Howie claims he can see what seems to be a face in the 1st window pane on left, 2nd pane down from the top, and in the picture without streaks, looks like another face in the second pane right of the other, with the streaks.
We think these photographs are pretty amazing and are grateful to Howie for sending them in.

Adrian from Leeds sent us these Orb photographs. He took them after his family reported bangs, crying, moans and groans, doors closing, lights turning on and off and other phenomenon Things have got so bad at their home that they may have to move. We hope it all blows over as quickly as it started as this sort of violent Paranormal activity often seems to and we are very grateful to Adrian for allowing us to display his photographs here.

Andrea Kelly has sent in these photographs of her Salon which is known to be haunted. She claims that although no one was inside at the windows when the pictures were taken, faces can be seen at the windows. Can you spot them? The amazing Pink light anomalies were taken inside.

Many Thanks Kelley for sharing these remarkable photographs with us.

All of these pictures were taken by a lady who lives in a converted Barn in south west England built in 1856. Classic Paranormal activity is experienced frequently. She assures us that no natural explanation such as mist or smoke can be to blame for the strange ectoplasmic mist in some of the shots. The photographs are fascinating.

We are really grateful to her for sharing these pictures with us and for all the background information she provided Spirit Quest Uk with.

Sally Skinner from the UK has sent in some pictures which seem to show an awful lot of Orbs. She assures me that a new camera excluded the possibility of dust and no apparent light source could have caused reflections as you can tell by looking at them.

Many Thanks Sally for sharing these pictures with the world.

This picture was taken by Simon Collinson on 17th July 2011 whilst walking his dog near his home. He photographed the deer and it was only later that he noticed that he had captured something very strange indeed. He shot in multi shot mode with 7 consecutive shots of which this strange inhuman form appeared on only 1. Take a look at this picture. What do you think it is?

Thanks Simon for sending it in.

Andrrew Laird has found that when he takes photographs, strange brilliant White light appears on images that he appears in or sometimes around him. I questioned Andrew about the possibility of a finger or something similar getting in the shot and flash illuminating it but he assures me that this is not the case and that Flash was not used. The phenomenon even seems to surface on a shot he took of London Bridge. Andrew is a very Spiritual person. Could this be a Gaurdian Spirit or even a white light of protection captured on camera?


Marlene Orben from the USA has sent in some unique photographs asking for our opinion as to what the cause may be. Her Grandchildren are enveloped in an intense White light that is overpowering. Always open minded, we looked at these photographs with an open mind and looked for possible explanations. The only thing we could think of would be if the children were wearing something reflective and a flash was used however when we asked if this was the case this was Marlene's reply.

"The pictures were taken in the US in Cincinnati Ohio, the children's clothes were just a t- shirt and the one boy had sweat pants on and the other had a diaper on, the pictures were taken with I Phone and my son n law did not use the flash , he was just wanting to see how the pictures would turn out. As far as the bright light I don't know what that could have been it was almost evening time and that is the front of their house which doesn't get much sun light at all so it couldn't be that. There were no house lights on yet, the boys are 1 1/2 and 3 years of age , there weren't any tree lights on as they were taken the Xmas tree down."

Marlene is a very credible person and so if we believe her testimony,(which we do) then we cannot explain these remarkable photographs.

They are quite unique and some of the most outstanding Paranormal photographs that we have ever seen. I passed on the photographs to several Mediums who work with us and they concluded that what they believe we are seeing in these photographs is the spiritual light of protection. The Children have displayed Psychic abilities and clarvoyance and our Mediums think that its because of this that their guardians are making sure that they are well protected against negative influences and keeping them safe. The children have often spoken to family members who have passed away. from an analytical point of view it seems from the reflections of the light in the sofa etc that the light is indeed coming from the children and even if despite Marlenes explanation we look to flash reflected off the children as a possibility then we see nothing in the photographs to indicate that flash was even used. These photographs are outstanding, if they do indeed show the spiritual light as our Mediums have said then they are truly unique as this sort of phenomenon is very rarely caught on camera. These are certainly very gifted Spiritual children and we are very grateful to Marlene for sending in the photographs and sharing them with the world.

Lewis Smith has sent in some fascinating photographs of Orbs taken in late February, at centre parcs, elevedon forest.
There is an alarming number of Orb's in the photographs. Orbs are always hard to explain as there can be many everyday causes for them but from what Lewis has told us we cannot find a rational explanation for the Orbs in these pictures. Lewis wondered if a light area on the wall ins some shots might be some sort of manifestation as it does bare a resemblance to a face but we think a flash reflection of the painted surface might be the cause but we cannot be sure. Notice how the 2nd and 3rd photograph below shows the same part of the room from a slightly different angle and even though the camera was moved between one shot and the next a large Orb near the wardrobe to the left of the frame remains in the same location proving that its nothing on the camera lens. Although not a typical location for Paranormal activity its important to remember that you never really know what has been on a site previously and Someone else staying in the lodge with him had experienced Paranormal activity at home so could the Spiritual Presence have followed them? One can only guess.
Many Thanks Lewis for sharing them with us all.

Cheryl Williams sent in these photographs that seem to show a distinct Orb in front of the curtain.
Cheryl a person who loves Dogs, thinks she can spot a Dogs face clearly visible in the enlarged image and we can see what she means. As Cheryl also points out there also seems to be an aura around the Orb. Orbs are always difficult to prove or disprove as Paranormal in origin but after studying the images, we cannot find any obvious everyday explanation for them and taking into consideration Cheryl's claims that she often photographs Orbs with what seems to be Dog's images within them we find them fascinating.
Thank you so very much Cheryl for sharing these images with the world.

Cheryl has also sent in 2 more photographs, one which seems to contain a mysterious mist which seemed to vanish as quickly as it appeared, the other shot contains an excellent Orb which once again seems to exhibit a face. The conditions under which these photographs were taken means that damp and dew can be ruled out as a likely explanation.
The images were taken at 9.15pm in St Mary Magdalene Church cemetery in Chesham in Bucks on 17th April 2012. It was a clear cool night.
Thanks again Cheryl for sharing your remarkable pictures with us, they are truly fascinating.

This photograph sent in by Shaun Haller was taken at an 18th Birthday party and the subject of discussion amongst other things on the evening was the loss recently of a baby . The photo has an orb clearly visible but in the background under the radiator Shaun has pointed out what looks like the shape of a baby. We have examined the photograph and thought that the most likely cause would be a reflection of a mirror of the flash off camera but when we presented Shaun with this likely explanation he assured us that there was no such mirror or reflective object on the walls that could be responsible. Very strange indeed. Shaun would like your opinion on what it could be and you will find his thread on our forum.

Many Thanks Shaun for sending in this fascinating image and sharing it with the world.

This image sent in by Stacy seems to contain an Orb for which no obvious explanation can be found.

Many Thanks Stacy for sending in the picture.

A young lady from Georgia found inexplicable pictures on her cell phone. The images seem to show a strange mist.
Additionally, this young lady has had other hard to explain occurrences in the past. We suggested that the cause of the mist may be a result of the camera taking a photograph whilst inside the pocket and other possible explanations, however the lady who sent in the pictures who wishes to remain anonymous assures us that their was no rational cause. They are very interesting.

## Your picture: 'McKenzie's phone(1).jpg' has been inserted here ##

Many thanks for sharing them with the world.

Andrea Davenport has sent in some fascinating images that show an Orb activity.
She has lived in her 1930s house for the past ten years and recently started to restore the house by stripping the floors back to the original state and opening up a fireplace that had been removed and boarded up. Since starting this work she has noticed some unexplained activity which includes lights being found on in rooms that are empty and the sound of light switches being switched on and off.
In her own words.
"Whilst taking before and after photos of work in progress this weekend 2 photos of the new fireplace taken within in the same minute under the same conditions and position appears to show an orb in one position on the newly installed fireplace and on the next photo it appears to have moved approx one foot across to the left." Its a fascinating series of events and a very good example of an Orb.

Thank you very kindly for sharing these photographs with everyone.

This photograph was taken by Val Stephinson in Harwood Forest, Northumberland on Sunday 1st July 2012 using an I Phone. If you look closely at the picture you can see wht looks for all the world like a perfect face looking up. We think its just a trick of the light perhaps caused by the sunlight reflecting off the water but we cannot be sure. Its very unusual and we along with Val Stephinson who sent in the picture would love to know your views on what you think it might be so why not use our Forum.

Many thanks for sharing this fascinating image with the world.

This photo sent in by Amanda Norris from Weston-Super-mare was taken by a 5 year old. The photo was taken with an Iphone and everyone was amazed when they saw this very clear face - the eyes are particularly piercing. No one concerned knows anyone who resembles this person and they do not have any photos of anyone who looks like this in the phone. We examined this remarkable image and although it looks like its taken through a window we have been assured that it was actually taken in the room and no window or mirror was present. The beautiful face does not resemble the person taking the photograph according to Amanda so who is it?
We think this photograph is very special and we are so grateful to Amanda for sending it in and giving us permission to display it.

These pictures sent in by Martyn Shults are truly outstanding and the following is in his own words.
"They were taken out the back of my work on the 7th of march at 10.30 & 1.30 on the 8th I took another but the streak of light is further away I dont know what they are as there is no reflection of it in my car if anyone has any ideas i would be grateful for an answer as the night before i was out the back and there was a dark grey figure & a floating cloud outside they were dark grey with black clouds floating in them I coughed and they left at incredible speed they dissapeared in about 6ft."

The pictures displayed here have been enhanced by us and show more detail than the origional yet we can offer no explanation for these strange shafts of light. They resemble Rods which are an unknown flying phenomenon but they could only be these if they were right in front of the lens and dont tie in with Martins account of things so to be honest we would lean towards a UFO related explanation. Any feedback from any professional Ufologists out there would be very welcome. We are grateful to Martin for allowing us to display these fantastic and unique photographs.

Michelle Roberts sent in these photographs so in her own words this is what she told us about them.
Here are a few impressive orb photos of mine. The first in my garden, the second is above the photo of my late Nanna and Grandad and the last is a photo I took of the haunted hallway at Hampton Court Palace. I get orbs in my photos all the time as I'm incredibly sensitive.

Spiritualy Sensitive people often find photographs taken around them containing Orbs. Its not surprising when you think about it. Many Thanks Michelle for sharing them with the world.

Darrel Tipping is a regular guest of ours on Paranormal Investigations and he has a serious interest in the Paranormal as well as being an enthuseastic photographer. He took these images at Stanley palace, one of our regular locations and as you can see from these samples they contain strange unexplained mists, Orbs and lights.
Thank You so much Darrel for sending in these amazing images.