This new Photo Vault was started in March 09. In addition to our video footage we will now start displaying our Photographs.

This photograph submitted by Lesley was taken at Ordsall Hall and clearly shows to the right the legs and feet of what appears to be a Spirit child that she was helping at the time the time the photograph was taken. We are proud to display it here. We think its amazing.

This other Photograph digitised from a web cam at Ordsall Hall seems to show what could be a Ghost in the circled area, unfortunately the quality is very grainy so its hard to be sure.

These photographs taken by Lisa, our previous Historian show amazing Orbs at the 600 year old mansion on the 12th June 2009. A project location of ours.

These photographs taken by Lisa on our second visit to Tower on August 7th show lots of anomalies.

This image was taken at pen Y Lan, it was a reporter for the Wrexham Leader who first noticed the now well known face. it could be Paradolia or have we actually captured an Orb manifesting into the next level?

Karen our PR and Investigator took some images at Stanley Palace in December 2012 that clearly show very strange Mists that cannot be easily explained. Mists are a known phenomenon at Stanley Palace.

Photographs taken by Darrel one of our regular Guests and a friend of ours also show similar phenomenon.