Here is just a brief outline of the various methods we use to establish contact with spirits.

Our most important link with the world of spirit is our Medium. they have the ability to not only sense their presence but also to make contact and find out vital information.

Table tipping is a very simple yet dramatic form of communication. A group of people gathers around the table and gently applies fingertip pressure on the tabletop. If a spirit is thought to be in the area, the idea is that it will move the table in response to questions asked by the group.

An upturned glass is placed upon a table or wooden floor and a group of people gather around and lightly place their fingertips on the glass. Questions are asked and if a spirit decides to make contact, the glass will move by itself across the surface in response to questions asked. Again a simple yet effective form of communication. This is the way in which we contact our Spirit Giude.

A seance is one of the most effective and widely used forms of Spirit contact. The group gathers around a table. Spirits usually respond to questions with a series of knocks. A slight tingling sensation and sudden drops in temperature are also often reported.

Very often, all that is required for Spirit contact is to simply speak and ask for a sign to indicate the presence of a Spirit. Knocking sounds or even movement of objects are common responses.

These are the most common methods employed by SPIRIT QUEST UK and are the methods generally considered to be the most effective.

ALL Spirit communication is safe and attempted ONLY under the guidance and supervision of our Clairvoyant Mediums.