We thought you might like to know a little about the equipment that we use.

This piece of equipment has a gauge and audible sounds that signals subtle changes in the electromagnetic field often triggered by the presence of a spirit.

There are three types of thermometer used by SPIRIT QUEST UK
1 ) In/out thermometer measures temperature in the room and outside. If the temperature remains constant outside yet dramatically drops suddenly inside, then it is likely that something has just entered the room.
2) infra red thermometer, measures the surface temperature of a wall or object to determine the location of a cold spot.
3)Laser variant, that enables the measuring of the surface temperature of a wall or object, the other side of the room.

Used to record EVP or ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA. Sometimes during a seance or at other times, a Spirit may speak, however the voice is usually only captured by a recording device. The Dictaphone can be plugged into a computer and software can be used to enhance the captured EVP.

They simply emit a beam of infra red light. If this beam is broken, an alarm will sound. They are often used in what we call locked off areas. Areas that are locked of from the team and public. Such areas are often set up to run experiments that cannot possibly have any human intervention.
If an alarm is heard, it can only mean that either a person has strayed into the experimental area or if all are present that something unseen has broken the beam.

Used to provide INFRA RED VISION in near total darkness.

Essential for recording all types of phenomena and of course to immortalize the investigation. Digital camcorders tend to capture more orbs and other apparitions than non digital types. Night Shot modes are essential for filming in darkness.

Used to capture orbs and other phenomena.

Basic but useful. The compass was used by paranormal investigators in the days before EMF meters. They tend to spin when in a very active location and as they do not rely on batteries(Which are often drained in haunted locations)they are a useful back up.

Essential for downloading photographs,video and for enhancing EVP recordings e.t.c.

This is a device that uses white noise. It works by quickly scanning an FM waveband. Spirits are said to use the resultant white noise to form words.

This amazing device is able to actually see and image cold spots. Sometimes the actual outlines of them can be seen.


A trigger object such as a cross is left on a table on top of a piece of paper and is traced around with a pen or pencil. The object is then left in a locked off room. Later on the room is opened and if a spirit has caused the object to move then the object will no longer be centrally placed within tracing. Objects are chosen that are likely to grab the attention of the Spirit that is thought to haunt the property.

Many other types of instruments are used by paranormal researchers but these are the instruments used most frequently by SPIRIT QUEST UK.